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Video or E-Business Cards

One of the most effective way to make a big impression on your customers and promote your business is via our Video or E-Business cards.  They are the same dimensions as a regular business card which fits easily into a purse or wallet, but on the reverse side they're essentially micro CD's.

In addition to having your logo, business description and contact details on the front, they can be programmed with either Video or other important customer information as detailed below.

  • A short introductory video of your business can be played when inserted into a PC or DVD* player.
  • You can provide a description of your business including Testimonials, Services provided, Branch listings etc. and automatic links to your website.
  • It can be setup to automatically install a program onto your customers PC to aid them in accessing your products or booking forms etc**.

You can use one, or a mixture of the above options on any card. Ultimately it is a THE dynamic, cutting edge business tool that you can leave with potential customers.

We have an experienced camera crew that can create your promotional video for you, who use the latest AVID technology, widely used by national and international television companies.
Alternatively you may have an existing video that you would like to promote.

Please contact us for a quote or download the E-Business Card order form and return it to us via fax, email or post.

*DVD players must be VCD or SVCD compliant.
**At present we have a maximum of 35mb recording capacity per card.

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