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Hosting is free* for the first year when purchasing one of our Website Design Packages.

However if you want us to host your existing website, then please select one of the following hosting options.

To cater for all budgets, we currently offer three levels of hosting.
The Starter Account, ideal for individuals or small businesses who require an Internet presence but have a limited budget.
The Personal Account for those who require most options normally found on more expensive packages, but at an affordable cost.
The Business Account which provides all the tools necessary to host an unlimited
number of pages,email addresses and CGI scripts for a truly Corporate Internet presence.

Below are just some of the options we offer:

  • Unlimited Web Space for your Domain
  • Unlimited Email Addresses and Forwarding
  • Personal Control Panel
  • Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
  • Email Virus Scanning, Spam Filtering and SMS Alerts (Texting)
  • Microsoft SQL and ODBC Database Connectivity
  • Hosted on Envisage Windows 2003 Servers
  • CGI Enabled for ASP, VBScripting
  • Webmail
  • Traffic Statistics for your Domain
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Unlimited Web Space
There is no limit to the number of pages you wish to have on your site.

Unlimited Email Addresses
There is no limit to your POP3 Boxes enabling you as many Email Addresses attached to your domain name as you wish (ie: Bill@WeirdCreations.com).

Personal Control Panel
This is a very user friendly utility that will allow you to administer your account as and when you wish, such as set up Email Addresses configure your Spam filtering etc.

Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
Extensions for this very popular WYSIWYG Web package are fully supported.

Email Virus Scanning, Spam Filtering and SMS Alerts
As I'm sure you're aware from recent press releases and general media coverage , that Email borne viruses are still a major threat to unprotected systems, be it a large corporate network or home PC. Our virus scanning software is updated in real time with all the latest anti virus definitions.
Although not generally as harmful as a virus, Spam mail can be extremely annoying and can clog your system up by dumping commercial spyware into your PC. This spyware, for the most part is harmless and used by vendors to monitor potential customers buying habits.
SMS (Short Message Service or "Texting") messages can be sent to your mobile phone if you receive an email.

Microsoft SQL and ODBC Database Connectivity
You are able to set up MSSQL databases on your domain. These are very powerful databases that can handle many concurrent users at the same time.
Another option is to use any ODBC database such as MS Access.

Hosted on Windows 2003 Servers
Your domain will be hosted on the latest Envisage Windows 2003 IIS6 servers with full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, PHP, ISAPI and SHTML scripting.

With web mail you can check or compose your e-mail from any web browser, no matter whose computer you are using.

Traffic Statistics for your Domain
You can view both real-time and historical information about the visitors to your web site.

*Hosting is included free for the first year provided that we host the website for a minimum of three years. If the website is moved to another provider within this period then hosting fees are liable for the period up until the transfer, including the first year.

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