Our team at Weird Creations are specialists in quality and well-designed loft conversions, building extensions, garden offices and landscape gardening in Brighton and the surrounding area. Our designers and tradesmen have a combined experience of over 40 years designing, planning bespoke conversions and home extensions in the South East and are perfectly positioned to help you produce a beautiful addition to your home.

As a company we have thought long and hard about what it is that our customers need and want from their trusted builder.

For us, putting the client first is paramount, and we ensure from the moment we engage with our new client, whether that be developing ideas for extension or loft conversion, or if they are much further down the line and ready to just find the trusted builder who will complete the extension or loft conversion for them, we are here to help, and you can be guaranteed, impartial, honest advice and support all the way through.

Please contact us on here or call 07778 666665 to arrange a free consultation or to request a quote.